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Moments after winning Super Bowl XLV, Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews celebrated the Packers victory with the Championship Belt and Lombardi Trophy.

The Championship Belt is a touchdown celebration popularized by Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. After scoring a rushing touchdown, Rodgers will gesture towards his waist with his hands like he is strapping on a World Championship belt.

The taunt is often seen by professional wrestlers who try to send a message to an opponent that he will win the World Championship belt, a forewarning that came true when Rodgers led the Packers to victory at Super Bowl XLV and named the Most Valuable Player. During the Lombardi Trophy presentation, Clay Matthews presented Rodgers with a replica World Heavyweight Championship belt.


Multimedia.png Aaron Rodgers' Championship Belt

While serving as the back-up to Brett Favre, Rodgers served as the scout team quarterback. To lighten the moods of his scout teammates, Rodgers would put on an imaginery Championship Belt when making a good play against the starting defense, which is a taunt that would often be seen by professional wrestlers (such as Triple H).

When Rodgers took over as the starting quarterback, he would start doing the gesture after scoring a rushing touchdown. During the 2010 season during the Green Bay Packers successful run to Super Bowl XLV, the Championship Belt was often gestured to show his confidence. The popularity of the celebration would eventually launch a fan page found at Facebook.

During the 2010 NFC Divisional playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons, the Packers opened the third quarter with a 28-14 lead. After Atlanta defensive end John Abraham sacked Rodgers, he proceeded to put the imaginery Championship Belt on his waist in front of the Green Bay quarterback. Rodgers would respond by slicing the Atlanta defense and scored a rushing touchdown to bring the score to 35-14, effectively shutting down Atlanta's hopes of coming back. Rodgers then pointed to his waist to signal the Championship Belt was back on the Packers.

After winning Super Bowl XLV, Rodgers was named Super Bowl MVP and invited to the podium during the Lombardi Trophy presentation. After being handed the Lombardi Trophy, Clay Matthews put on a replica WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt on his shoulder.

The following night, Rodgers appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman. Before going to commercial after the interview, Letterman gave Rodgers a replica spinning WWE Championship with his name engraved in the name plate.

It has been parodied in State Farm commercials as the "Discount Double Check."

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