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Invader Rob II Invader Rob II 18 August 2019

I really don't get it

How are you able to edit the NFL and Conference team templates without breaking it?! I litterally do one edit not even correlating to the template and it breaks just because I did an edit!

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Dog4590 Dog4590 15 March 2017

More pictures

We need to add more pictures of players and coaches to the wikia!

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Dog4590 Dog4590 24 December 2016

Updating info

This wikia needs to be up to date to 2016.

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Spriggins Spriggins 11 February 2011

Return to Titletown

On behalf of Packerpedia, thank you for taking the time to take a look at the website and your support of our Green Bay Packers. For the first Packerpedia exclusive, we just got home from the Lambeau Field celebration for the Super Bowl XLV championship team, entitled Return to Titletown. After thawing out our faces from the -8 degree wind chill, I'm happy to report an absolutely thrilling event to end the 2010 Green Bay Packers season.

Driving into Green Bay, the ramp to Lombardi Avenue was jammed with traffic trying to get the famed stadium. All available 56,000 seats were sold out on a Tuesday afternoon to welcome the team back with a welcoming atmosphere. Before the team came out, Lambeau Field was rocking with fans chanting "GO PACK…

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